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About Terry


Terry has litigated big cases, where the issues are complex, and the stakes are high. So his clients gain the benefit of his experience and his thorough legal analysis.


As a solo practitioner, Terry can offer a personal touch that goes beyond his legal skills. Clients get to know him. He communicates with them regularly. He listens to them. He works to understand each client’s needs on a big picture level.

Our Services

General Litigation

This is the backbone of Terry’s practice. He can litigate almost any type of common law claim, whether it is breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, negligence, tortuous interference or many others. He can also litigate statutory claims – both state and federal.

Specialty Practices

Beyond his general litigation expertise, Terry has carved out additional practice areas, devoted to particular subjects. This eclectic mix includes financial professionals, judgment enforcement and soccer.

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