Practice Areas

Terry Brennan can confront the most challenging legal problems – and produce results. His background speaks to this – a degree from a top law school, experience at a large, internationally-renowned law firm, lead counsel on high-stakes cases. Since early in his career, clients have turned to Terry when faced with expensive litigation against well-funded opponents. And he has responded with quality results.

Terry now provides his clients with a unique service: the high-quality legal work of a big firm, combined with the personal attention of a small one.

General Litigation

Terry specializes in litigation. But this description is expansive, not limiting. He manages litigation of all sizes, from high-stakes cases between large companies to condominium disputes between neighbors.  He serves clients of all sizes and confronts legal issues of all types. These range from common law claims, like breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud, to statutory ones. He represents plaintiffs and defendants. He litigates in state or federal court, as well as alternative forums, like arbitration panels or administrative bodies. He even reviews clients’ contracts or policies to help them avoid litigation altogether. So while “litigation” may define him, it does not confine him.

Specialty Practices

In addition to general litigation, Brennan Law has developed specialty practices in the following areas:

Financial Professionals

Terry works with clients in the financial services industry.  These include financial advisors, financial analysts, accountants, and loan officers.  The types of matters vary. They can be disputes – such as lawsuits or actions involving regulatory bodies. They can also include counseling to help professionals avoid litigation or regulatory issues.

More specifically, Terry can handle claims under state and federal statutes, like the Federal Securities Act, the Federal Securities Exchange Act, the Illinois LLC Act, the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, the Illinois Financial Advisor Law and the Illinois Securities Law of 1953. He can also litigate standard common law claims against financial professionals, like breach of contract, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty. 

Further, Terry can work in the regulatory field, including claims before FINRA, the FDIC, or the SEC. To this end, he has built and continues to build a healthy stable of articles on regulatory subjects. He can also assist clients with basic regulatory needs, such as FINRA expungements, and compliance with requirements on U4 and U5 forms.

Representative Matters

Represented a loan officer in an action brought by the FDIC for violation of the Federal Institutions Reform and Recovery Act (the bank’s closing was featured on 60 Minutes)

Represented a financial advisor in his business divorce from his business
partner of 20 years

Represented an investment fund manager in multiple lawsuits relating to
three startups.  One of these cases went to trial, where Terry defeated the two claims against his client – fraud and unjust enrichment.

Represented an accounting firm in an accounting malpractice suit brought by a real estate developer

Judgment Enforcement

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Often, both individuals and companies hold uncollected judgments that, if enforced, could provide them significant money.  Further, this is an issue that could multiply as the COVID-19 pandemic fades and awards that went unpaid during the pause now become active matters.  

But pursuing these judgments can be a frustrating ordeal, as debtors find clever ways to avoid paying.  Terry can help.  He offers clients a unique service, which calls upon his skills as an investigator to find judgment debtor assets, and his skills as a lawyer to secure those assets through the legal process.      

Specifically, Terry represents clients attempting to collect on judgments from courts or awards from alternative dispute resolution bodies, such as arbitration panels.  Terry has also worked with distressed asset buyers, who purchase judgments and attempt to collect on them.  And he has experience working with international and out-of-state judgment creditors who need a local counsel to target assets in Illinois.    

Representative Matters

Represented a large bank in enforcing a $26 million judgment against two commercial real estate developers

Represented an international litigation finance company in its efforts to collect on a multi-million dollar judgment against a South American manufacturing business

Sports Law

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Terry has made the sports industry an area of emphasis.  This does not always mean he represents high-profile athletes or professional teams.  Rather, his work can also extends to clients in the industry’s middle market, like companies that provide sports products, as well as youth sports clubs and academies.

Terry has also written extensively on legal issues involving soccer.  Three of his articles have been published, and he maintains a blog on the subject (   In particular, Terry’s writing targets the United States and youth soccer markets – which present significant challenges for youth clubs, player and parents.  Terry can help them with strategies to make the best of their options.  

Representative Matters

Represented a corporation that provides signage for international sporting events in its federal lawsuit against a German-based competitor. The suit alleged fraud in the execution of a $5.6 million contract to deliver and maintain perimeter advertising signs for soccer’s 2010 World Cup.

Represented a youth basketball academy in a legal dispute with the Cook County (IL) State’s Attorney that resulted in no liability or significant business disruption for the academy

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